Shugei (pronounced shoo-geh) is a Japanese word meaning handicraft. It is written in Japanese as 手芸, combining the character for hand (手) with the character for technique (芸).

Shugei Craft began when Jess opened a small handmade purse shop on Etsy in 2011 under the name Nekomata Textiles. The purses were made from recycled clothing on the outside and unique fabric on the inside. More often than not, the interior fabrics Jess used were from Japan, and she soon realized that what she enjoyed most was searching out and collecting cool Japanese fabric - even more than making the purses themselves.

And so Shugei Craft was born!


Shugei Craft is based in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, USA. We're online-only at the moment, but we hope to one day open a physical shop where we can meet our lovely customers in person!